Meet up with the baby marrow and the chillis

I came across the baby marrow and the chillies this week. I guess these two ingredients will be part of the weekly ingredients in the kitchen.

I got curious with the baby marrow the last time we went to the vegetable section of the grocery. It has always been there, it’s just i don’t know how I am going to cook with it. I like cooking miswa, it is an asian dish noodle dish with patola (sponge gourd)…see the write up below (from

Miswa noodles are Philippine wheat noodles which are famed for their slenderness and delicacy. These noodles appear in a wide range of dishes, and they may be fried, boiled, or stewed, depending on the taste of the cook and the food involved. Some Asian markets may stock miswa noodles, especially in regions with a Filipino community, and they can also be ordered from specialty importers. If miswa noodles are not available, you can try angel hair pasta, which is also very fine, or explore other Asian wheat noodles in your area.

These noodles are typically produced with both wheat and egg, which are combined into a rich dough. The dough is extruded into very long, thin noodles which are typically folded for drying, creating a nest of extremely thin pasta. The color of miswa noodles is generally off white, although they can become yellowish, depending on the producer, and the noodles have a rich yet delicate flavor which lends itself well to a variety of dishes. Store miswa noodles in a cool dry place to keep them stable until you use them.


Sometimes i am lucky enough to see sponge gourd from the supermarket. Upon checking the baby marrow visually,it looks like a smaller version of the sponge gourd, it has a softer skin texture too. I grabbed a few and mixed it with the miswa noodle today and found out that the taste is similar to the gourd. The baby marrow, i think belongs to the zucchini and sponge gourd family, The sponge gourd tastes sweeter though and the zucchini bland than the two other veggies but it goes well on pizza toppings.

Now, about the chilli, my hubby bought the chillies, the jalapeño and the other one is a red chilli. Our friend told me yesterday while he ‘s grilling the red chili that the red one is similar to the red bell pepper/capsicum in taste or much sweeter. Now, im not afraid to use it in some great dishes.As with the jalapeño, it will be in the nachos, chips and blue cheese burgers soon.


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