Change of Status for SSS

This is one big challenge after getting married. Changing of status from single to married doesn’t end with just changing a surname. 🙂 It goes with all the legalities socially and professionally.

Today, my mission is to change my SSS status. After viewing different blog post from the internet, (thanks guys!) , i was enlightened how to do it quick and efficient.

Location is vital in considering which branch to go. Since my address is in Tondo, Manila, I was directed to go to SSS Binondo branch. Traffic in Manila is terrible, so my mom and I planned which is the fastest way. From our location there are 3 ways to get to Binondo, one is taking a jeep from Abad Santos to Divisoria, then from Divisoria take another jeep ride which will pass by Dasmarinas St. in Binondo where the branch is located. Another way to get there is take a jeep from Juan Luna St. in Gagalangin , Tondo going to Divisoria then get into another jeepney ride passing Dasmarinas Street.

Here is the best way : I’m not fond of riding jeepneys sometimes, getting stucked in a traffic will just piss me off, so we what we did is to take the LRT, alight at Carriedo Station , and there, one can find pedicabs to take you to SSS Binondo branch (fare : 50 pesos one way), not bad considering saving time from traffic, getting from one jeepney to another and walking a few blocks.

At SSS Binondo, the office is busy and packed but service is efficient. There is a lane for the forms, there is another lane for new applicants getting SSS numbers and changing of status. There were a few more lanes for medical records, another one for loans. The employees are working really efficient complete with working computers 🙂

For my case, I filed the request for my change of status in just 5 minutes. The processing will take 2-3 weeks.  Oh i remember, i still dont have an SSS ID yet (yes, all these years i’ve been working 🙂 ) ,  I decided to get it when my change of status is ready so i can use my husband’s surname on that ID.

The Binondo branch has an ID capture system so IMHO, that makes it more efficient to apply in the near future, it may take time to verify or validate my standing but with that machine and their system, it’s better to process at that branch than going to the main branch in Quezon City.

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