Applying for an SSS ID at SSS Manila Branch

It took me just 20 minutes to apply for an SSS ID in SSS Manila Branch ( It’s amazing!

This blog is actually a follow up of my quest for new IDs since I changed my status. After two weeks of waiting for the change of status, I went back to SSS Binondo to apply for an ID. Well, in the said branch , it doesn’t have much of the system when applying for a ID compared with the system SSS Manila has.

SSS Binondo branch is kinda chaotic, the system is inefficient. Manila branch is so organized. The branch (also) has an information area, where the person-in-charge will assist you in getting what you need. The branch also has a queuing system where they will give you a number and all you have to do is wait for your turn.

Anyways, after writing necessary details on the form and presenting valid IDs, another staff will check your SSS status, if everything’s okay then proceed to the data capture system for your ID.


The volume of people applying for a ID varies day by day, I went this afternoon, around 3pm, there are only a couple of us applying during that time.

The place is busy of all other transactions going on but I found it so efficient and less of the hassle compared with the other branch. I am happy to see a senior citizen being served efficiently and with all assistance.

SSS Binondo branch will be better if they will apply a queuing system or adding up a special lane for senior citizens (they got a bunch in there)

Just a thought! 🙂


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