Sabkhas are salt flats in the dessert,particularly in the middle east.


It is scary driving across these salt flats.


First,it is the part where the car might get stuck. Second,it will surely bring damage to the car sooner or later.

We planned a camping trip lately in the famous lovely place called Barr Al Hikman here in Oman. Because of the rain in this part of the world lately, the road going to the camp area was filled with salt flats and are still soaked up.After a few attempts to get there, our group finally gave up coz the road disappeared! , literally speaking.


salt flat everywhere


Okay, so, after the few attempts, the group finally decided to go back to civilization, and go camp in another place. On our way back, after all the, bumps and clunks from the rough road trip,and another one big clunk we had a flat tire, not as if we expected it,well it just happened.

The horror didn’t end there, looking at the car,it is so dirty with the sabkha and the mud stucked in the wheels and yeah, underneath it, what ever motorists calls it.

After the flat tire was changed and we are on the highway, the car started to feel wobbly from the unbalanced wheel.

Oh well, so we continued camping. My husband tried to fix the busted tire but decided to get help,so he drove to town – thank heavens, some shops are open even on a Friday (weekends here are Thursday-Friday).

Time to drive home, we have two wobbly cars now , (ours and our friend’s ) that won’t wobble at 80kph. Hubby and friend got it all cleaned,tried to take out the sabkha. They also tried to have the balancing fixed one way or another when we stopped by Sinaw town. Oh well oh well,this will be a long drive and the drive home that usually takes us 5 hours took like 8 hours. We strolled back home.

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