My silly zipper pouch

I know you’ve seen these zipper pouches before, actually I saw one in my favorite handbag shop in Manila or in some other shop.

I thought it was kinda pricey for a tiny pouch, little did I know that it was worth that price, or even cheaper.
Why is that so,  coz I did made one, and I tell you for a novice like me, that was an experience.

I started with these zippers


11 of it, started sewing it face to face, and on the sides,sewing it to have the rectangular form.

Eleven wasn’t enough I ended with 18 zippers in total.

I used the sewing machine to bind it all together.i sew the bottom and top sides thinking i will finish it in no time, well, I was wrong:-)

The part where it has the metal end was easy to sew, the top part where all the zipper heads were was the challenging part. I think I made a mistake not aligning it, so,.I need to cut it in order that the zipper lengths will be of the same size.

After three broken needles and changed the sewing machine foot twice, (from the regular to the one you use for putting zippers), I found out that  the seams are still a little wide on the zipper head side.

So,I decided to use a really big needle with a dental floss as a thread and hand stitch it.

Well, it wasn’t still looking seamed up so I stitched it again using the regular needle and thread.

So finally, i got this


And this
(front/ back) , it is reversible 😀


Not much pics about the process though but  sure I will put more when I sew another one.

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