Starting Over


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About atomickaleidoscope

A succinct and eclectic Electronics Engineer by profession although I preferred to teach as a passion. In this journey called life all i can say is : C'EST LA VIE ! CHEERS!
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One Response to Starting Over

  1. I would just like to say also that I would like to award you the ‘Liebster’ Award.
    If you accept, then please link back to me and paste the meme from my sidebar onto your blog, then pass on the award to bloggers with small numbers of followers. Officially it’s 200 but I’m stretching a point and anyway numbers grow don’t they? 🙂
    If you accept you also have answer my 7 questions:
    so here are the questions, and I’ve tried not to be too obvious but:
    1. what is your first memory?
    2. what was your most embarrassing moment?
    3. as a teenager who was your role model?
    4. which book do you wish you had written?
    5. why?
    6. are there multiple realities? or just the one that we all experience the same?
    7. where [location] was your first kiss?
    8. which island would you most like to live on?
    9. when writing a thank you letter do you type or use pen and notepaper?
    10. paint or wallpaper in your bedroom?
    11. favourite nightwear?
    looking forward to reading your answers!

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