B+F Roadside Diner and the Slider Station

These two places has superb burgers, big serving of fries and great salad!

B+F is in Bareeq Al Shatti, Slider Station is in Jawharat Shatti area, both in Qurm in Muscat.

From what I read, these two restaurants are sister companies. With B+F, I dined here a lot of times. Takeout are good too. Food is very good, try the salad and the burgers.My favs include the burger with mushroom & cheese, (slider or burger style) and the fish burger, it’s light but great. I forgot the names but just go and ask the crew about it, they know for sure.For the salads, I like the caesar salad best, it has a light and creamy dressing, I always order it with the pasta with steak strips and mushroom.The  salad with  Mexican sounding names on it, is good to share as a starter. I also had pizza to go, thin crust,it’s okay. They don’t do delivery, as I’ve observed it , they are too busy to do delivery, and don’t bother to print to-go menu, of course these favs are from memory .The place is a blockbuster!

The ambiance is cool, I think the management is trying to have the diner look on it, it is,it’s the music that is kinda unbearable sometimes. No techno music please, I’m trying to eat….anyways, totality, it’s cool.

Slider Station on the other side has a great ambiance,it’s in Shatti beach, it’s location is so perfect! I dined there thrice.Seriously,their burgers are great, tasty,yummy,juicy but I just want to comment on the menu. It is a bunch, it can be quite difficult to decide what to order,most cases it is available, some special ones are not. The service is good specially when it’s not a busy day.

One weekend, my BFF Lailany dined here and this is our yummy meal:


Wagyu slider , delta force fries, my favorite cappuccino and tea for Lailany


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