Harvest Season : Tomatoes Galore!


From my experience,the best time to plant tomatoes is late fall or on the onset of winter when the weather starts to get cool and everything seems so pleasant.

I started this tomato “garden” from the seed packet I found at Carrefour. Variety? It says pomodoro.20130306_121029 One seed per pod, I don’t want to overcrowd it like what I did last year. After a few weeks, I was very happy to see little sprouts of tomato plant.

Then, I transplanted the baby plants to their new home. Since I don’t have a garden here, their new homes were big pots and planter boxes. I read about growing tomatoes in pots and it’s so true. Here is my patio after a month or so of sowing the seeds.


Taking care of these babies was easy, although, when we travel (hubby and I travel often, like every other week or so), I asked my neighbor’s help to water them, specially when I saw it blooming. There were stormy, windy days too. Here in Oman, windy is really windy. I was able to contain caterpillars eating up the leaves. I need to put thicker and bigger stakes than I used too. Well, that also helped when I saw the fruits, trust me, this pomodoro tomatoes are huge!

The first fruits.


         Afte20130209_172257_1r the first fruits, the tomatoes are going over board! I don’t know if it’s too    much fertilizer 😀 or it’s just their nature. With 10 plants left,( i gave two to my hubby’s colleague), my patio is oh sooo filled with beautiful lovely tomato plants with vine-ripened fruits.


Look at these beauties!


This plant is on a huge plantbox with big stakes to help hold the fruits!

_MG_5456 _MG_5453

More tomatoes!

   _MG_5447 _MG_5445 _MG_5444

Fried green tomatoes anyone?

_MG_5442 _MG_5441

More or less, I harvested 5 kilos lately, in two batches.  I noticed that after picking the ripe ones in the morning, the next day, there’ll be new ones ready for picking. I love it vine ripened, so does my hubby.


So, I already gave half of my harvest to friends,I already made 2 jars of salsa, napoletana sauce……gazpacho is next. The best thing is we are not buying tomatoes til April maybe? 😀



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