My so-called pets | Daily Prompt: Menagerie

Daily Prompt: Menagerie

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

I wish I have, I only have “part-time” pets , if i could call them as such. They were amazing! It’s like having a best friend and the best thing was I have company.

Here they were :

I called him Grey. This cute lil bird will wake me up in the morning every day by tapping on the window. I don’t know about his timing but he did it efficiently. That was fall-winter of 2008, When summer came, he wasn’t there anymore. It is hard to survive summer in Oman if you are a free bird :), i mean, it is hard to find water at least…and it is damn hot!

dear friend

This cat visited us whenever he feels like visiting 🙂 He is our neighbors cat. He’s lovely ! He really loved my place because he feels that he is at home……well, he has chosen one of my plant boxes as his litter box. part time pet

This is Shirin;

puppy dog eyes (2)

She was our friend’s dog. She is a Wadi dog, street dog, askal in slang terms.

with my red ripped ball_1

She was badly battered when she was a puppy, she was traumatized. When i first saw her, she was soooo afraid, sad puppy dog eyes 😦

I took care of her for two weeks.  I used to live where we had a very big yard, and she was happy to be there, running, jumping, barking, she was able to have some friends with other wadi dogs in the neighborhood too , well she came along.

dinner was good



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