Earthquake Felt in Muscat Less Than an Hour Ago!

Andy in Oman

Earthquake      I was in my office having a “teacher’s conference” with a group of students less than an hour ago and I felt the desk shaking against my leg.  I first thought it was my student kicking my desk. “Mr Saleh, are you kicking my desk?”…of course he denied doing it.  I kind of thought he just didn’t want to admit to it.  I didn’t think anything of it until the next group of students came in for their meeting and asked, “Did you feel the earthquake?” Wow! I know that earthquakes in Oman are extremely rare.  My students and I briefly talked about whether this might be an effect of “climate change” as that happens to be the very topic we’re discussing in our class these days!

Students with their WhatsApp and social-networking are reporting that it was felt all over the Sultanate and wasn’t only felt here in the capital of…

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