Jetlagged and then the phone rings | DP : Unknown Caller

Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller



 You receive a call from an unexpected person. Who is it, and what is the conversation about? Go!


This is a true story.


Last December, hubby and I spent Christmas in California. We are living in the Middle East where Christmas vacation is not the same as in the other countries , but still we managed to get a 10-day leave to be with the family. Traveling to and from  California from Oman was like being in a time warp, different time zone, figuratively and literally. Jet lag is oh so true!


Jet Lag (album)

Jet Lag (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



When we got back to Oman, my body was accustomed to the California time zone, I will be awake as early as 3am, and will go back to sleep by 10am or when my body feels the exhaustion from the jet lag.


And so the cellphone rang. The number is not familiar. Drowsy, dreamy and rattled,  I answered it, talked to the other person like I know her. She asked what are we going to do with the resource materials we got in hand. She suggested about keeping it, and I agreed.I hang up and got back to sleep.


When I woke up it was already 5 pm and I recalled the call and the conversation I had while ago. I checked my phone! Oh, it wasn’t a dream. I thought I talked to a colleague about school stuff. I called the lady and  told her I am sorry if I caused confusion about something job related. It was sooooo weird !


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3 Responses to Jetlagged and then the phone rings | DP : Unknown Caller

  1. TammyeHoney says:

    Such a nice thing that you were kind enough to call her back. Otherwise she would have been possibly upset at someone’s negligence. Thank you for sharing and for the ping back.

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