Daily Prompt:Morality Play

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I derive my values from family but mostly from philosophical point of view.

Gone are the days that I was restricted by religious point of view.Coming from a predominantly Catholic country, the way things are conservative at times just doesn’t work at all ,IMHO .Don’t get me wrong, they have their values, but I’m not a follower. No plans of switching to a different faith too.I travel most of the time,cultures,traditions and various faith amazes me. I greatly respect the varied faith people share between them as long as they respect my spiritual views.

………and my other unconventional views:-)  They can ask me tons of questions…..i’d answer it all, no worries if they’ll like my POVs or not!


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About atomickaleidoscope

A succinct and eclectic Electronics Engineer by profession although I preferred to teach as a passion. In this journey called life all i can say is : C'EST LA VIE ! CHEERS!
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