State of My Year : mid year crisis….NOT! : DAILY PROMPT

This year’s mid year is like new year for me. It is like starting fresh and starting new. After our amazing vacation in our sailboat last June, my distance education started. For me , it is just perfect timing because when i got “home” (home is middle east lately , I’m an expat), it is Ramadan. It is unusually quiet in the morning which makes it a very good time for  me to read and study. Business and the like comes alive after 8.30pm.

Even though I am occupied by the three subjects I’m currently taking, the time, place and weather just fits alright . There is not much distraction as far as the learning process is concerned. Most of our friends and their families are away for the summer vacation, so there’s not much partying (LOL!), weather is cooler at this side of the world compared to the last months I’ve been here.

The subjects I’m taking are the requirements for me to qualify for the Teacher‘s board and I only need one semester to finish it. My school offers a trimester, which means if I pass all my subjects, school will be done by September, and in a little while, I will be preparing again for another board examination. It can be nerve wracking sometimes thinking about the deadlines, ( the school sent my books late!).

Honestly,there was stress with the transitions too. There is wisdom and peace beyond all the stress, if you make time for it 😀 … spite of all the busy things going on in my mind regarding my subjects and deadlines, hubby and I were able to celebrate our third anniversary. That was an awesome break!, and now, I’m back on track. Hopefully by September, I am ready for my next job too. 🙂

Hope everything’s good at your end!

Cheers! C’est La Vie!

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A succinct and eclectic Electronics Engineer by profession although I preferred to teach as a passion. In this journey called life all i can say is : C'EST LA VIE ! CHEERS!
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