The Women’s Guild Winter Bazaar

I was a paparazzi at the Women’s Guild Oman’s Winter Bazaar yesterday in the Al-Bahja Hall of the Jungle Restaurant at Qurm Natural Park.

It is the fourth Winter Craft Fair by the Women’s Guild of Oman with astounding 70 tables this year. A big number of fellow crafters from Crafty in Oman participated in the event. stalls.

Here are the crafters and their crafts. Some pictures have links and captions, some don’t,please bear with me 🙂

Sarah’s Handmade Jewellery


Heart Made by Tanya


 Check out these cute things.

_MG_6082 _MG_6115

Shobha and her craft


More handmade jewellries20131119_115144

20131119_115405Beautiful cans! 20131119_115013Crafts from the Middle East ( I forgot if it is from Turkey )  20131119_114952

These bags are lovely!20131119_114929

Little Bags!

_MG_6120 _MG_6121

This is my new purse from Little Bags


Paisley Pinwheels

These rompers are so cute! I bought one for my niece and I can’t wait to see her wearing it.


Wee Monster’s Table


These ladies are selling amazingly beautiful cards._MG_6108

munchkinstylishdesigns_MG_6104Crafts galore!_MG_6103 _MG_6102 _MG_6100 _MG_6089 _MG_6076_MG_6109Aren’t those converse booties cute?

_MG_6110somethings for your hair_MG_6119 I got this beaded one!_MG_6130-001Paper Crafts _MG_6096-001_MG_6095 _MG_6083-001Stitchbug!_MG_6091 _MG_6092 _MG_6093_MG_6094snowman poop! 😀 _MG_6086A bought a couple of Christmas cards from this table 😀 _MG_6088Chez Creations


My new bling_MG_6127-001

Andrea’s table_MG_6079And another new bling courtesy of Andrea _MG_6123-001I am about to leave when I saw this lady and her crafts, I got curious!

20131119_121014And this is me wearing a face burqa/ face cover….whatever they call it! My friend says it’s a face merkin. Hubby and I were so laughing out loud with what he called it.That was a good laugh, I don’t mind making fun of myself sometimes….LOL!  me-001

That’s all folks , ’til next blog!

C’est La Vie!

To know more about Crafty in Oman , check this blog!

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