Making use of scrap yarns : Colorful Coaster and Cup Cozies

Some people crochet out of necessity, boredom and for the fun of it……i do all three 🙂 I did this colorful coaster out of necessity 🙂 I don’t like to see water dripping at the sides of my cold drink and it comes into contact with the table, making it look messy. It didn’t took me long to finish this one. Another thing is I was able to make use of scrap yarns too. 20140722_215723 For the pattern : please check this link and enjoy! Here’s another way to enjoy crocheting and making use of scrap yarns : Cup cozys!

Check it on Pinterest too!

20140722_181134 For the very easy to follow tutorial, please visit Tatertotsandjello. Here’s another one : 20140722_181215


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A succinct and eclectic Electronics Engineer by profession although I preferred to teach as a passion. In this journey called life all i can say is : C'EST LA VIE ! CHEERS!
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