The Camel, the price of oil and the Middle East

Long before Arabs discovered that most of their land is oil-rich, they have settled with the camels and the donkeys as their means of transportation in the desert.

But alas! The good Lord blessed them with barrels upon barrels of oil. It is black gold indeed! Presently, it is amazing how the price of oil in this side of the world amazes me. Some people say that water is more expensive in some parts of Saudi Arabia than gasoline, I never been there, I will update you when it happens. From camels and donkeys, Toyota, GMC,Ford….name it you have it the Middle East, from simple to fancy ones. One reason is the price of gasoline is so cheap here.Most can afford a car and the fuel to drive it.

My hubby and I travels frequently in Oman, whether for leisure or work. This is what we encountered as for the price of gasoline is concerned.20131208_124542 20131210_135559-1We encountered this camel during a pit stop in Duqm. It is sooo cute, anyways it is more of the price of gasoline that I stumbled upon and surprised to notice. We almost have a full tank for our Fortuner that day. It is a pretty long drive too, gotta go full tank. So, we have 69 liters in our tank and it only costs 8.3 Omani Rials which is approximately 21.5 USD. It is amazingly unreal sometimes but it is real :). Check out the price per liter, it is like buying a newspaper equal or less. Amazing!



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3 Responses to The Camel, the price of oil and the Middle East

  1. Athiff says:

    A bottle of water (500 ml) is equal to a litre of petrol.but one thing I found was the people misuse this as they keep the car on start when shopping. Electricity is damn cheap I have seen many keep their Air conditioner on when going out wile people in other part of the world were in need.This is a nice article

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