Crocheted Coffee Mug Warmer for Friends!

Wonderful colors for coffee mug warmers isn’t it? I hope this is not too much 🙂

For the COFFEE MUG PATTERN, check this out from : The first one is mine 🙂



Marion’s mug warmer cozy

When i searched through the free mug patterns on ravelry, i
could not find one like i wanted. So i made up my own. This is
my first pattern, i crochet since 7 months. Feel free to correct any
errors or suggest improvements, just leave me a comment. I lost
the paper where i exactly wrote down every step i did, i hope i
did not forget anything here. Pattern fits any standard souvenir
style mugs. My language is german, so please correct my
english if necessary.
● Yarn: choose chunky, soft and pastel colored yarn,
acryl or acryl/wool mixture may be better than cotton
for a stretchy result. I used Schachenmayer SMC Bergen, 2 € per skein,
natural white and rose.
● Hook:  Prym 6 mm or whatever works well with your
own chosen yarn.
● Gauge: not important

  1. R1: Let’s start with a foundation-chain. First, crochet as many chains as you need to fit tightly around your mug. I needed 27 chains. Join with a slipstitch (SL). Be careful not to twist your founcation-chain.
  2. R2: Crochet a round of SC’s in every chain (SC). Join at the end with a slip stich (SL).
  3. R3: Crochet a double chrochet (DC) in every SC. Important: Do not join! Leave a space of 2 chains empty- I had 25 DCs at the end, 2 less than before. Your numbers might be different, just make 2 less than before. You will need this space for the mug-holder. Crochet 2 chains at the end.
  4. R4: Turn your work. Now you work on the other side. Crochet a DC in every SC. Important: Do not join! Crochet 2 Chains at the end.
  5. Repeat step round 3 + step round 4 until you reach your desired height. Take a look at my photo for orientation.  Not too high! Leave some space.
  6. Adding the buttonhole: When you reach the end of your last row, add 12 chains (other kind of yarn may require more or less chains, just check that). Make a loop with a slipstitch(SL) into the 7th chain (create a circle).
  7. Decorative border: you do not need a border, but it looks so nice and clean. Choose a nice matching color for adding a border. I chrocheted Sc’s in every DC, but for the Button-Holder and at the bottom in the middle of the hole i used slip-stitches. Add a nice button. Wooden buttons always look great.
  8. And, pleaaaaase show me your result!

Design and copyright by http://www.marionhassold


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One Response to Crocheted Coffee Mug Warmer for Friends!

  1. Okay this is too too cute ! I gotta ask my mum to knit me the same ! 😀

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